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Video 1 - Vision

Video 2 - Strategy

Video 3 - Launch

Watch the introduction video to discover the 3 simple steps you can take that can help you reduce stress and launch your life to the next level.

  • How one simple exercise can reduce stress and anxiety by 50%
  • How to create a vision to direct your life
  • How to develop a strategy to make your vision become real
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About The Author

Ingo Michael - The Life Launch Formula


Hi there!

My name is Ingo Michehl. I used to be a corporate guy, traveling around the globe with supply chain management, corporate sales and training. Until.. I had a burnout. Now I help people to find their balance, and to launch their life to the next level of well-being and success.

Stress and anxiety are major health risk factors as part of our complex modern life. Whether you're leading a multi million dollar real estate, production or service company, whether you're working your way up the corporate latter, or just making ends meet as an employee or small business owner - you probably realise that your health and well-being, as well as your time, are your greatest assets.

And perhaps you have wondered at some point if there isn't another level of existence - where living is easy and in the flow, free from stress and anxiety. Some stress is actually healthy - like sports and striving to achieve meaningful goals.

The Life Launch Formula is a holistic approach to this very challenge: How to reach that next level. It is the result of over 20 years of study, research, and personal experience in the corporate world, and in my subsequent practice as a counselling psychologist and coach.

Learn how to transcend stress and anxiety and realise "Cognitive Balance" between your thoughts, feelings, and actions - the mental, emotional/energetic and physical aspects of your being.

Learn how to create the life of your dreams by leveraging your expertise, experience and talents with your own online business.

Learn how to launch your life with the Life Launch Formula.

Self education is the way of the future - and online study is the way to do it. Hence my interactive online coaching program.

To inquire about coaching, training or speaking availability, please contact me via messenger.